Population-based Observational Study on the Utilisation of Acute Hospital Beds Among Singapore Residents & Study the Utilisation of Hospital-at-home (HaH)
PI – Dr Lim Hoon Chin, Ambulatory and Community Care Division Lead, Eastern General Hospital; Senior Consultant, Accident & Emergency, Changi General Hospital, SingHealth.

The Mobile Inpatient Care-at-Home (MIC@Home) care model in Singapore aims to reduce the demand for physical hospital beds by providing hospital-level care at home. It was mainstreamed in April 2024. This allows patients to recover comfortably and helps reduce the strain on hospital capacity. This study examines the proportions, demand distributions, and characteristics of patients eligible for MIC@Home.

Using data from TRUST, we will analyse patients who visited or were admitted to public hospitals from 2017 to 2020 to determine who could benefit from this care model. We will employ statistical methods and mapping techniques to better understand projected demand and geographical distribution, identify regions that could benefit the most from this service and potentially other population health hospital admission avoidance interventions.

The findings will not only help Eastern General Hospital, a new regional hospital in Singapore, plan its services and resources effectively but this will also guide the expansion of the MIC@Home programme across Singapore, ensuring that the country’s aging population receives optimal care at home. This approach will make healthcare more efficient and accessible, ultimately improving the well-being of the population we serve.