Responsibilities Shared Between TRUST, Data Contributors,
And Data Requestors/Users

For partnerships and collaborations between TRUST, Data Contributors and Data Requestors/Users to thrive,
there are respective responsibilities and obligations to fulfil. Fulfilment of these responsibilities will ensure
that the data shared on TRUST is safe, secure, and ready for research analysis.

How TRUST Collaborates With Data Contributors
And Data Requestors

There are two models of collaboration on TRUST.

Model 1
  • For users who do not need to access TRUST data but nonetheless still desire to use TRUST’s platform.
  • Access to TRUST based on terms and conditions agreed between two or more parties who already have an existing data use/sharing agreement.
Model 2
  • For users to access TRUST data for research analysis.
  • Access to and use of anonymised data on TRUST based on contents of agreement(s) signed between TRUST and data contributors.
  • Access to anonymised real-world data is only available under this model.
How TRUST works with a data requestor from academic / research / public institutions (on their own)

For data requestors from an academic / research / public institution, partnership with TRUST will be based on positions developed and agreed upfront with Data Contributors in the Data Contributor Pre-agreement i.e. after exclusivity period and based on what is permissible and agreed.

How TRUST works with a data requestor from academic / research / public institutions in partnership with industry

For data requestors who are part of a collaboration between an academic / research / public institution and industry as a co-applicant, access to TRUST data by the industry partner would need approval from the Research and Industry Data Exchange Subcommittee (RIDES) under the Ministry of Health (MOH).

In addition, any request for the data will be directed to the respective Data Contributor for approval, if the Data Contributor is not involved in the data request.

How TRUST works with a data requestor from industry (on their own)

Data requestors from the industry without any collaboration with an an academic /research / public institution should approach the respectively data contributor (i.e. an academic / research / public institution) for a collaboration prior to TRUST.