Improving Health Outcomes And Advancing Healthcare Innovation Through TRUST

Singapore has valuable research and real-world data managed by different research institutions and public sector agencies. Such data range from genomic to behavioural to socio-economic data.

These data, when brought together securely and used in an anonymised manner, have immense potential to help us understand more about health conditions, develop new medical treatments, plan health programmes, and improve public health policy.

To bring these data safely together for a common good, we work with:

Data Contributors

Public health institutions, research institutions, and public agencies that allow their anonymised data to be made accessible via TRUST for research analysis.

Data Requestors / Users

Healthcare professionals, researchers, and academics who use the data made available on TRUST for research analysis.

Our aim is to enable discoveries that improve lives by making it possible to:

  • Derive knowledge and insights from complex
    and diverse health data.
  • Bring together large-scale datasets to address important health-related questions that cannot be tackled by individual institutions.

TRUST is jointly developed by