Benefits Of A Trusted Data Exchange

Data contributed by individuals are valuable to healthcare research. They help to advance discovery of novel associations and allow us to gain insights about the human body and health.

These data are useful even in an anonymised form. Data that has been anonymised means that it is unlikely to identify any specific individual.

If researchers have access to larger, more diverse datasets, the more likely it is that they will find something that can help you or someone else with a health condition.

The diverse and large-scale data accessible through TRUST would hence help enable breakthroughs in health research that would bring about substantial improvements and benefits alike in Singapore’s health and healthcare sector.

A trusted data exchange platform to:


Enable the creation of new composite data sets by bringing together data from across multiple sources to enhance value of individual data sets, supporting novel and innovative health research studies.


Facilitate and translate scientific inquiry into tangible improvements in health and healthcare.


Allow the sharing of data between different research teams, encourage partnerships and collaborations between the public and private sectors.


Optimise resources and avoid expenses incurred from duplicating expensive data collections, and/or data infrastructures and platforms.