Be A TRUST Member To Enable Your Research

All researchers who wish to access TRUST data must be a TRUST member, and you can do so by completing the registration form below. We welcome bona-fide researchers from the public sector and publicly funded research institutions to register with us.

Members should not share the information from the members’ area with others who are not TRUST members.


Explore TRUST data catalogue and find out what data is available through TRUST.


Submit a data request to access TRUST data.

To perform data analysis on TRUST, users will need to have a base level of competency in the following tools. Besides our suite of self-guided reference materials and training videos, our TRUST Support team is also on hand to guide you through specific aspects of the TRUST platform.

Recommended CompetencyRequired For
RequiredSome familiarity with Python and / or R syntaxFor TRUST data research
Some experience with handling Data Science notebook interfaceFor TRUST data research
Some knowledge of how to work with Linux command lineFor data discovery and transferring files from S3 bucket to notebook instance
Some knowledge of using Cloud storageFor provisioning resources and understanding the cost
OptionalSome knowledge of using Cloud storageFor big data research analysis
Some familiarity with Pyspark and / or SparkR syntaxFor big data research analysis


What will I need to be a TRUST member?

Please ensure that you have prepared the following before proceeding with registration.


Proof that you are a bona-fide researcher (e.g. PubMed reference number, ORCID ID or Institution profile link).


A research institute email account.


Your institute must have a Data Request Agreement with TRUST. Institute Data Request Agreement reference no. is required for registration. Please obtain the DRA Reference No. from your Institution's research/contracts office.

TRUST Member Registration

Please use this form to submit your application to be TRUST member.

    Please click here for the list of institutions that has signed a DRA with TRUST
    Please obtain the DRA Reference No. from your Institution's research/contracts office.
    Users from Government Ministries or Statutory Boards should enter 'Nil'.

    Provide the link to your profile on your institution's website. The link must identify you as affiliated to the institution.

    By submitting this form, I hereby undertake the following:

    Registrations will be reviewed within 5 working days of submission. Our support team may contact you via email if we require additional information or clarification. Once your registration is approved, you will receive an email with your login details.