Research Question:

Determine how lifestyle choices affect the likelihood of chronic disease based on a person’s genetic information (Polygenic Risk Score, or PRS).

Value / Impact:

  1. Better understand how a combination of lifestyle and genetic factors can better predict outcomes / prevent chronic diseases
  2. Determining if participation in Health Promotion Board (HPB) programmes could attenuate the effects of genetics on the risk of chronic disease. For instance, determining the validity of the hypothesis that an active lifestyle could potentially negate or at least reduce the impact of genetics on obesity risk.
  3. The National Precision Medicine programme will generate Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) for heart disease and diabetes and develop ways to communicate and effect behavioural change using digital platforms that incorporate behavioural counselling models as part of a National Medical Research Council (NMRC) funded Large Collaborative Grant (LCG). If successful, these could be deployed in tandem with HPB efforts to ensure that prevention is delivered to those at the highest risk.