The Singapore National Steps Challenge – Where we are now and where do we go from here.
Main Applicant- A/Prof Falk Muller
National University of Singapore

Physical activity (PA) is one of the key factors in ensuring a healthy population. However, there are challenges in encouraging increased participation of PA in the general population. The Health Promotion Board started the National Steps Challenge (NSC) to motivate Singaporeans to be more physically active through various behavioral interventions. This opens up opportunities for public health researchers to delve into the intricacies of PA within the Singaporean population by identifying the social determinants of PA and investigating the impact of PA on other health outcomes.
Our project aims to bring together data from the NSC and other health outcomes to provide a catalogue of the PA patterns in Singapore, as well as to identify determinants associated with the various PA patterns. Our long-term research aim is to quantify the benefits of PA on health outcomes and healthcare utilization. Thereby contributing valuable insights that can inform healthcare policies, ultimately fostering a more resilient and sustainable healthcare ecosystem.