Developing a Core Real World Dataset for Economic Evaluations of Oncology Therapies (RODEO)
Main Applicant – Associate Professor Wee Hwee Lin
SSHSPH, National University of Singapore

The field of oncology is rapidly evolving, with numerous new drugs in development. Governments use Health Technology Assessment (HTA) to determine cost-effective prices and improve patient access. Real-World Data (RWD), which broadly speaking refers to data that are generated as part of routine care, is increasingly used alongside clinical trial data for value assessments. RWD has challenges such as biases and data quality concerns, but experiences from countries like the US, Canada, and the UK show its potential.

This study aims to curate three core real-world datasets in lung cancer, ovarian cancer and multiple myeloma that will facilitate efficient, accurate, and reliable use of real-world data in HTA. Besides, it aims to create an infrastructure accessible by multiple stakeholders that facilitates timely comparative effectiveness research in oncology using RWD with direct relevance to policy making. The academic value of this work lies in the publications related to documentation of our development processes. TRUST MOH-approved datasets will be one of the RWD sources used in this study that has been funded by the National Medical Research Council HPHSR Clinician Scientist Award.