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Data Fields
Reference Code Fieldname Description Sample
C1CM001 dacute_hosp Acute hospital episode indicator (1 for true) xx
NECL002 DATA_TYPE The type of data. Example; LAB, RAD xxx
C1ME003 date_adm Admission date xxx
C1ME003 date_dis Discharge date xxx
C1ME003 discate Singapore Burden of Disease specific health conditions xxx
C1CM001 dpubacute_hosp Acute public hospital episode indicator (1 for true) xxx
C1ME003 dt_adm Date and time of admission xx
C1ME003 dt_dis Date and time of discharge xx
C1ME003 dt_los Length of stay in number of days xx
NEDI004 EVENT_EXT The identifier of the ADT Event that is linked to the Diagnosis. The Event Id refers to the Case/Visit Number and must be the same as the identifier given in the ADT Event message xx
C1ME003 hosp_indcr Hospital type - public AH, Private AH, IMH in/outpatient xx
C1ME003 los Length of stay (to nearest whole number) xx
C1ME003 outcometype Outcome of visit xx
C1ME003 prindrsmc Principal Doctor SMC number xx
C1ME003 SBoDcate Singapore Burden of Disease Categories xx
C1ME003 yr_adm Year of admission xx
C1ME003 yr_dis Year of discharge xx